May 1, 2010

The Bounty Hunter Review

The Bounty Hunter
Starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler

I planned to make a "Movies Opening This Week" for this one, especially since the movie is supposed to come out on May 7, but since I've already watched it, I'll do a review instead of pretending like I don't know what the movie actually contains.

So yeah, here's the set-up: man is assigned to hunt down for ex-wife because she can't drive for turd.

OK, OK, you know what, I have something to confess: I didn't really watch the entire movie. I watched 3/4... no, 1/2 of it. Now, I know this is definitely not enough to make a review that even has a semblance of objectivity, but I'm sorry, from what I watched, it's not worth the "integrity".

While I have to admit that the lead stars have a sort of charisma and chemistry, the script just doesn't allow them any sort of fleshing out, as in, it's just extremely the same sort of predictable, dumbass story wherein you know what happens. It's true that the premise is a bit of a draw for those who have unhappy marriages but the movie just isn't worth it because the promise, if there was any to begin with, just isn't lived up to.

It's a bit hard to make a definitive assessment on this movie, if only because it's just like any other modern rom-com, where everything ends sort of well. It's not particularly bad bad, but it's not remotely good either. But I guess this is why they invented the word mediocre. Or maybe the word I'm looking for is derivative?

Whatever the case, it's still watchable enough, but it just doesn't feel worth it. Especially in the theater. Wait for the DVD where it'll warrant a bit more appreciation.

Rating: 4/10

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