May 20, 2010

Google unveils WebM

Google, known for having deep pockets and a stance on open-source code, unveiled a new video codec for the web called WebM in its annual I/O conference.

Basically, it's a video format that does not demand royalties from content distributors- amateur or commercial- and enables free and easy distribution of video and audio content through the products of the (several) companies that support the new standard Google is pushing.

The standard is based on V8, which Google acquired from On2 Technologies, and the company is releasing the source openly for everyone to tinker and incorporate into their products.

Notably, a lot of major companies (Mozilla, Opera, Adobe, AMD, ARM, Logitech, nVidia, Skype, etc.) are expressing support over the open codec, and Google is even going as far as wanting to incorporate it into "internet-connected TVs".

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