May 10, 2010

Local Chinese people walk in a buffet...

It's like the setup of a joke, isn't it?

Lining up with real live Communist Chinese in a buffet is probably the most savagery you'll witness from a group likely used to getting served their own food instead of self-service. While there are younger Chinese locals who are probaby more savvy with the times, the older Chinese far outnumber the younguns, and their actions are a textbook example of an economic activity usually attributed to the concept of supply and demand: panic buying.

Technically passengers have bought the food but with the Chinese it's like they're preparing for 2012. Simply, it's like eating with bulls in a china shop.

And no, don't drag Mythbusters into this.

They're so afraid that they'll run out of food that they want to get it all to themselves, but at the end of the meal they waste a lot anyway, which is a shame since no one obviously wants to eat leftovers so they have no choice but to dump the food permanently.

Footnote: Chinese locals are very hard to please and easy to bore. In a performance with an Italian singer, a random Chinese person suddenly went near the stage and imitated his movements. It got chuckles from the Chinese locals. Man was warned.

Near the last act a few people were dancing and Chinese man decided to imitate them, as well as take pictures of them with his camera, which were both prohibited. Two Italians dragged him out like they would a drunk and the audience cheered.

People got bored by the setpiece that was the acrobatic performances (and how could I blame them? There's a better one in Shanghai that costs millions of dollars to produce) which may be one reason why Mister Man felt the need to make a mockery of the Caucasians on stage.

Then again, I was also surprised that they held an appreciation for the dancers who had to practice new dances for only a few hours to present every night without a cast change. Now that's genuinely impressive.

Oh, China. Stay classy.

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