May 8, 2010

Rock the Boat

Well, I guess I better get me sea legs.

Apparently, when a boat is based on China or Hong Kong, it is expected to really rock back and forth, back and forth. When you're in a stationary position, it is possible for you to get seasick or just nauseated, whichever you pick.

But anyway, we have a free day on the boat. That said, we're still bound by the chains of being in a tour group, so hesitantly we woke up and tried to make the best of a cramped shower area, then made our way to the outside. There was an Italian dude wearing a Mad Hatter hat.

Well, I guess that must be something.

"Filipinos! Filipinos! Let's go play Coke-a, Sprite-a, Fanta!"

While not 'Pepsi 7-Up', the game is pretty much about following directions. Kind of like CAdT. But with older people.

Next up was a game that involved throwing hoops into cones. Could've been simple if it weren't for the wind. Oh cold, cold wind.

Still, the day isn't complete without a little eating, and that was what we did when we attended a cooking demonstration featuring both Chinese and Caucasian noodles and pasta. The Chinese chef was a no non-sense, direct man while the two Italian chefs played around especially when asked for a picture.

That's not to say that that was lunch though. Oh dear, I'll probably gain a bit of weight.

So with that in mind, we went for a little spin on the treadmill which we found accidentally. But for 20 minutes since that's the limit.

Apparently, tonight is also the Captain's welcome party so we needed to conform with the "formal" dress code, which considering the local Chinese nationals on board, isn't something strictly enforced. After, customer is always right.

Still, we didn't stay long in the cocktail party, and opted to eat in the actual restaurant instead. Bye treadmill, hello weight. Hmm...

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