May 23, 2010

This Time In Games: It's a-me...

From perfect scores on reviews to unique gaming concepts, "This Time In Games" recaps the recent happenings and the hottest titles of the gaming industry.

This time in games:

Rockstar releases Red Dead Redemption.
And it seems to be the best Western game ever.

It follows the tradition of open-world games, but this one is, of course, set in a town with cowboys and epic gunbattles. For now it's for the 360 and PS3 only but I suspect that it will be available for the PC in some time.

A lot of review outlets think that Red Dead Redemption does redeem itself from its less raved predecessor.

Wii gets an epic week, too.
From Super Mario Galaxy 2 to Trauma Team, a lot of Wii owners have reason to burn their pockets, because a lot of really good games are starting to come out, and I suspect that it won't stop.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been proclaimed as "not just Super Mario Galaxy 1.5, but a game that rivals even its genre-breaking progenitors". In short, it's longer, larger and more streamlined than the first Galaxy, which is largely a good thing.

Also getting good reception is Bit.Trip.Runner, the first platformer of the rhythm game series. This WiiWare title has Commander Video jumping from point A to point B to a rocking soundtrack and retro visuals.

Lastly, there's Trauma Team which is a large departure for the surgical series of games. Instead of just a surgeon, you gain control of 6 different people, ranging from an orthopedic surgeon, surgeon, forensic investigator, diagnostician, first aid volunteer, and a doctor of endoscopy, all of which feature several distinct gameplay styles.

The anime style visuals and sound effects keep things interesting, and so far it's been getting raves as well.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

A game that complements the movie adaptation, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a bit of a throwback to the last generation of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time games. It doesn't really follow the movie's storyline and instead bridges the gap between the happenings in the first Sands of Time and the somewhat controversially "emo" Warrior Within.

Within its package contains the original 2D Prince of Persia game, as well as zero Jake Gyllenhaal, which is probably a good thing, for the sake of uniformity.

Sonic 4 for iPhone and iPod touch, confirmed!
The "reboot" SEGA is releasing for Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and PSN is also going to the App Store. It has yet to be known whether the controls will be as bad as the emulated versions of Sonic that are on there, but the game is looking pretty good.

Could this be Sonic's first great game since... forever?

This video.
Trauma Center, the original DS game, was released ages ago but this parody was too insane not to notice, as it pretty much takes the over-the-top scenarios of the game's story and runs away with it.

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