June 19, 2010

E3: Sony Moves It Moves It... With Nerdy Glasses

Last year, I thought Sony made the best conference, because they offered the promise of motion controls and actual games. This year, well, after watching Nintendo, it's hard to see them top it.

And I don't think they did. They were close, but they were slightly less awesome than Nintendo. If only because they want to force their glasses on the masses.

Still Kevin Butler: "Who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade?" LOL. I do hope he goes out on stage.

Anyways, after the montage, Jack Tretton comes out on stage and right off the bat, disses Microsoft. "No ponchos."

From here on, I'm already really excited only because Microsoft's speaker sucked big time.

Jack Tretton is a huge mile away from that Microsoft dude.

Anyway, Jack Tretton's tempting me to finally buy a PS3 and highlights a few games. PSP, not so much.

He segueways into "3D High Definition" and summons Mr. Riiiiiiiidge Racer! to the stage... I mean, Kaz Hirai of course.

"PS is about innovation and content. In the next year, PS will take both innovation and content to a completely new level. Sony is the undisputed leader in 3D, and what PlayStation did for Blu-ray, it will do for 3D as well," says Hirai. He wants people to buy both a BRAVIA 3DTV and a few games that are compatible with 3D today, and explains that PS3's are already 3D-ready. OK. Now what?

Killzone 3, of course.

I guess being ambitious with a game is good, but me with my chronic FPS nausea combined with 3D is huge no-no. The audience is urged to wear glasses (sigh...) and well, of course, I can't really give my own impressions of the game. Still, the graphics do look quite good on its own without the 3D gimmickry, and... there are apparently some flying robots you'll be shooting. On a home theatre, I imagine this will be enthralling, but not everyone has a home theatre. Hell, you'll have to be a 3D capable projector for that too. And a few more pairs of $150 glasses. With that money, you could buy a 360, a Live Gold subscription and games.

But we're not here to trash talk any more of Sony, partly because I hold much faith for the PS3 anyway even if I don't have one.

Killzone's reaching out to you in 2011, February with PS Move support.

Hirai goes on to name drop a lot of games that'll be compatible with 3D. The Sly Collection (remastered Sly Cooper trilogy), Mortal Kombat, Shaun White, Tron, etc. Please, I do not want the glasses.

Sony then wants to sell some 3DTV's by showing a demo reel. Frankly, I don't want to bother embedding a video.

15th anniversary of the PlayStation and 10th for the PS2. It's the second most-played console last year, but of course, it's hard to say if there's really going to be any more support for new titles. Duh.

Next is more PlayStation Move sales talk. We've seen the action in GDC, and I wonder what other games they'll be demoing this time.

Kevin Butler is definitely a huge selling point for this device. Whoops, I mean... uhh... never mind.

A new game being demoed for the Move is Sorcery.

Looks pretty okay, and as always, 1:1 is impressive. There isn't as much jittering as there was in GDC... oh wait, there was some jittering during the potion thing.

But anyway, there are quite a few creative concepts at play here (ie, I love the "creating a firestorm"), and yeah. It looks pretty decent. Art design doesn't particularly stand out to me for some reason.

Andrew Wilson for EA Sports is next so he can demo Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

Who knows if it really controls any differently than, say, the Wii Motion Plus so it's hard to say if Move truly is superior. In the HDTV they were using, there was quite a bit of lag so, a bit iffy really. It got better eventually.

Heroes on the Move makes an appearance as a trailer. Features several Sony mascots like Ratchet, Clank, Jax, Daxter, Sly Cooper, and 2 more I don't know.

Coca-Cola is made a partner to advertise Move. There will be a promo that will entitle you to a Move, or some Move games.


And then, Kevin Butler comes to the stage. Now things get interesting.

Somewhat unscripted, he plays on the motion control trend, Kinect, and more. This dude is awesome. Even if he doesn't game and he says "I love gaming," I'd believe him. FOREVER MAY GAMING REIGN! Dammit, he's the best thing Sony's ever done.

September is the release window, and the Move will be priced at 50 dollars, while the navigation controller will be 30. A "Sports Champion bundle" will be priced at $100, while a PS3 with Move bundle is #400. On launch, there will be about 15-20 titles for Move.

Time Crisis, Singstar, Echochrome, etc. will be some of those games, while some existing games will get updates for compatibility.

Next, a video for Move.

Oh come on, two Move controllers for volleyball? Seriously? There's like a conspiracy in play here. Sports Champions, Start the Party, Singstar, Eyepet, Heroes on the Move, TV Superstars, SOCOM 4, Time Crisis Razing Storm, The Shoot, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Lord of the Rings, Tron Evolution, Sorcery are the games included in the trailer.

PSP is next. A new ad campaign is unveiled with Peace Walker featured.

It's called "Meet Marcus". And he's kind of annoying.

OK, Sony, any games?

Invizimals is apparently a "major" enough game to market. Meh. Uses augmented reality for pets like Kinectimals.

But alas, we have God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Ready at Dawn returns to the PSP. There must be hope.

Tretton name drops a few more games, and there will be "70 new titles by December". Look! ModNation! Kingdom Hearts! Hot Shots!

The 3rd Birthday looks really interesting.

Next part of the talk is the rather notorious PSN.

It hosts some shows like "The Tester" and will be expanding to other countries. PlayStation Home will also have its own version of the Sony E3 booth, and... I guess it's pretty cool?

Jack Tretton also announced Sony's acquisition of Media Molecule, and that could only mean some more creative exclusives for the PlayStation. After the rather exciting trailer released a few weeks ago, it would be pretty cool to see an actual demo of their promise for "a platform for games".

I'm surprised there weren't any Move demoes for this game.

PlayStation Plus is then announced, which takes PSN to the next level. It's a subscription service that promises exclusive content, exclusive betas, Minis, discounts and more. It's $49.99 for a full year. 3 months free for now.

But will it have good servers and party chat?

Still, I like Chrono Cross for free. Although it's kind of weird not to match Microsoft's ESPN, Netflix and Facebook offerings.

An EA executive is then called to the stage to announce some PS exclusives. Medal of Honor is going to receive some exclusive content apparently.

There's going to be a multiplayer map, and the beta will be available June 21. There will be a remastered version of Medal of Honor Frontline.

Next: Dead Space 2.

That is intense, kind of creepy even. Damn, I have to finish the first one, pronto.

Dead Space 2 Limited Edition will include Dead Space Extraction with Move support. For PS3. He goes on to mention all the other major EA franchises. Well, how about Mass Effect? Yeah, thought so.

Next: GLaDOS!


He's eating his words as he speaks.

The cake is not a lie: Portal 2 is coming to the PS3. "It's been a long time. How have you been?"

Portal 2 looks insane. Even though I suffered massive nausea with the first one, I still really loved it. Kudos to Sony for actually negotiating with Valve instead of poo-pooing it.

Next is Final Fantasy XIV Online.

It's an MMO much like Final Fantasy XI, and apparently it's pretty much PS3 exclusive unlike its predecessor.

Mafia II is name-dropped, and will feature day-one exclusive DLC for PS3.

Ubisoft is next and expanding Assassin's Creed with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It will feature a multiplayer mode, and will only have a PS3 beta.

Well, that's a lot of exclusives.

A PS3 games reel is shown next, because Sony wants people to remember that no, CoD is not 360-exclusive, MGS Rising is not 360-exclusive and Madden is most definitely not 360-exclusive.

A lot of them titles intrigue me highly.

Gran Turismo 5 the title that's been exhibited around since God-knows-when is getting featured again.

Graphics look absurdly realistic. Top Gear videos a nice touch.

Concrete release date, please? Oh look, finally: November 2, 2010. Absurd.

Sucker Punch Studios is up next for inFamous 2. Cole's back and more electrifying than ever.

Looks like he has ice powers, that's... wait for it, cool.

Another trailer is shown. An ad for what though?

Twisted Metal.

That's kind of disturbing. Clowns? Lol, what?

David Jaffe is back on stage to pretty much seal the deal for Sony. And what better way to do that than to demonstrate some destruction?

Crazy classic gameplay right there.

A new team mode is also introduced, "designed to bring out skill and strategy". It's called Twisted Metal Nuke and it takes place in a dilapidated, post-apocalyptic-ish city that's ripe for destruction.

Woah, that's just crazy and sadistic.

I guess you can expect no less from the creator of God of War.

Jack Tretton closes the conference with the same summary you'd hear in a Nintendo conference. Only difference is that Tretton actually acknowledges, I don't know, the fans while Reggie flaunted his booth babes to the audience with his smug little face and showed off the 3DS. Granted, the smugness was warranted because the 3DS is kind of awesome, but come on, Ninty, show the fans some sugar.


  1. Well the PS3 does have Netflix, ESPN (which will have support for 3D :P), and you can actually log into the full Facebook instead of using a slimmed down version on the browser.

    Sorcery was pretty awesome. I cant wait to have a 3D TV someday for all this 3D content eventually, fortunately at least none of the games are 3D only

  2. I just facepalmed myself because what you said was true. I was meaning to say integrated Netflix out of the box as well as Facebook, although you could argue that using the actual site would be better functionally. As for ESPN, I just really didn't research about its existence on the PSN. Won't be as negligent next time, thanks for catching those.

  3. Thankfully enough Sony didn't make those games 3D only, otherwise I would've been alienated altogether


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