June 14, 2010

Microsoft Kinect Pre-Con

Picture it: E3. You're wearing some white thing and you're about to demo Microsoft's most ambitious gaming-oriented accessory.

Well, I can certainly picture that image with the help of Twitpic, and in the words of @jeffcannata, "Microsoft has indoctrinated us," which looks to be the case.

Just when you thought Microsoft's Project Natal was a pretty bad code name, Microsoft just rebranded the camera-based motion controller with an even worse finalized name for market: Kinect.

I'm fine with Microsoft's Kin phones, but Kinect is just... a dumb play on words.

Demoed on the show floor a few hours prior to its imminent keynote (it's just a mere 5 hours to go as I type this), Kinect elicited quite a few negative reactions. True, the controller lives up to its promise of voice recognition, body position recognition and hand recognition, but the imminent game library supporting it isn't too promising. Another Wii Sports knock-off, Wii Fit knock-off and a driving game headline the launch line-up.

It's true that Microsoft may have saved the more hardcore titles for last, but as of now, I'm left unimpressed by the lack of compelling games the Kinect has been announced to have.

Also: Harmonix has confirmed the existence of a dance game that runs under Kinect. I guess, that's something to look out for in tomorrow's conference.

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