June 13, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: Van Helsing the Western

It feels weird when a childhood franchise has its characters grow up with you.

Toy Story 3
While it's true that toys don't mature physically, their owners do and eventually, they get dumped and ignored.

For the much-beloved Toy Story gang, this fact has held true. Andy's now going to college, and what better way to give your toys a new life by donating them to a daycare?

Look out for quirky characters aplenty.

The trailer spills a bit more than required, but much of the voice talents return to their classic characters and more importantly, the mature humor stays intact. I mean, come on, you've got the writer of Little Miss Sunshine on board.

It won't get the perfect 100% that its predecessors maintain on Rotten Tomatoes, for sure, but the return of the iconic Woody-Buzz duo is enough reason to be nostalgic about childhood, among other things.

But if Toy Story's too kiddy for you, there's always...

Jonah Hex
Don't be surprised: this is gonna be a crappy movie.

If you can remember that Hugh Jackman movie from years past, Van Helsing, then you'll probably have more or less an idea about what this comic book adaptation will contain.

I mean, come on, that crossbow, those guns, the paranormal Pushing Daisies thing that they have going on. It feels like Van Helsing for me, but contained in a Western movie, featuring Megan Fox as Josh Brolin's (lolwhut?) love interest. Doesn't look like much fun, but hey, maybe it'll be better than Transformers 3.

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