July 7, 2010

Apps Weekly: Tilt to Live + Secret of Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

Tilt to Live
One Man Left Studios
Rated 9+, compatible with iOS 2.2.1 or later

One of my all-time favorite games for the iPod touch thus far is this Geometry Wars inspired title, and it's so unfortunate if you didn't get to download it for free. Whatever the case, Tilt to Live is just addictive and tons of fun, and most definitely worth the $1.99 entry fee.

This game basically lets you embark upon a simple task: kill all red dots in sight. Doesn't sound much fun, until you factor in the tons of cool power-ups the game throws at you as well as the achievements you can get. It's ridiculous how long you'll want to play this game, because, personally, I just can't stop.

What makes it different from the vector-based Geometry Wars is not only in the aesthetic and controls (which is clearly tilt-based, more on that later), but also with the fact that the game just has a great sense of humor. It's visible every time you open the app, because its load screens always have something different (and funny) to see every damn time.

The achievements are also just littered with insane but humorous tasks you can embark upon if you ever wish to unlock more weapons. I mean, there's even a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference when you get to maintain a combo.

Unlike other tilt-based games, the developer just has the controls down to a T. It feels tight, and the game provides a few different options for control depending on your position. Whether you standing up, sitting down, lying in bed, or God knows what other position, you can readily calibrate the game to your liking, and for the most part, it always works.

For now, you have 3 game types to play with, and all of them offer a great deal of challenge and perfect gameplay when you're on the move or waiting in line.

It's recommended that you warm yourself up first with Classic mode which deals you with a small number of enemies at first, but increases as the game goes along. Code Red, as stated in its description, is Classic mode on crack. This is the mode that you'll want to go to either if you're completely sadomasochistic, or kind of bored by the slow start of Classic mode. I know I am.

Gauntlet is a radically different mode from these two, because it doesn't involve killing dots, it just involves evading and analyzing their patterns. It's like Pacifism for Geometry Wars.

These three game modes don't actually end right there. The developers constantly release updates that keep gameplay fresh and new, with a new game mode on the way even. Obviously, with the way I'm raving about this game, this is 2 dollars well spent, and it even out-values some of the other games in the App Store, because the quality and sheer likability of this one just works so well.

Rating: 9.4/10

Just released is the sequel to the re-made Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Basically, this game gives the 2nd game of the much beloved point-and-click adventure series a huge high-res artwork boost alongside the same nostalgic gameplay and sharp writing. Oh, and there's voice acting as well.

Shockingly not a universal binary for iPhone and iPad, this game features refined controls, an excellent guidance system, and the trademark two-finger-swipe that reverts the game to its original, throwback look.

Honestly, I haven't even finished the first one so I'm not picking this up any time soon, but LucasArts has released the game in Lite and Paid versions, with the iPhone version costing $7.99 and the iPad version $9.99.

If you were a fan of the old game, you might as well be on iTunes downloading it right now.

iPhone [link], iPad [link]


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