August 20, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: It’s Jake Plus 8

To some, it might come off as jarring to see a property that already exists on DVD get a re-release in the theatres, I mean, come on, who’d go watch? But I think with Jake Sully, everyone can find a bit of an exception.

Avatar: Special Edition

Knowing Fox, when there’s something to milk, they’ll most likely milk it to death. So obviously, it shouldn’t actually come as that much of a surprise to see Avatar get a re-release in selected 3D theatres, and according to ClickTheCity, even Philippine 3D cinemas will get the new version too.



Seriously though, what could possibly be different from the movie everyone watched in 2009, and the new movie coming out this August? Well, it’s 8 minutes of difference I guess. If they put those 8 minutes in the right spot of the already long 2 hour-30 minute run time, then sign me up. And of course, I’m talking about that damn anti-climactic red banshee that was supposed to be so impossible to tame. If they put all those 8 minutes to portraying Na’vi procreating, I’m going to be so pissed.

Still, if you haven’t watched the movie in all its glorious 3D form, you have yet another chance to flock to your nearest 3D enabled theatre, hell, it doesn’t have to be IMAX. For my review of the 2009 release, re-visit it here (and laugh at my Jake Scully typo).

But if you want something else to love, why don’t you just keep…

Going the DistanceGoing the Distance

A fluffy romantic comedy that just happens to have an “eclectic” cast of very “quirky” characters. It’s one of those, huh? Joy.

But I guess there’s something to be said about the bankability of the Drew Barrymore-Justin Long chemistry, eh?



Basically dealing with a long distance love affair, Going the Distance is pretty much about Justin Long wanting to keep the relationship between him and Drew Barrymore alive and unscathed in spite of potential external factors and secret lovers that may very well ruin their relationship. With that fear in mind, they try everything to sustain the love. Oh, let me guess, the conflict will be a matter of trust.

For me, this is totally worth waiting for a home video release, if you’re so inclined to watch it, that is.

Maybe you don’t want another rom-com, maybe you just want a good ol’ fashioned Eli Roth horror flick.

The Last ExorcismThe Last Exorcism

About a reverend that goes on his last exorcism job, The Last Exorcism is once again like those glorified “based on a true story” kind of films. Frankly, it looks slightly scary, but on the whole, I just feel “Meh”.



I’m the guy who laughs when a horror movie somehow gets itself blown out of proportion and much of the knuckle cracking, head snapping, and finger stretching just feel totally over the top for me. I’m sorry I’m like that, okay?

It looks like it will be presented in one of those mockumentary formats that have become the norm for horror flicks these days, but it will also have a hybrid of good ol’ fashioned scripted sequences. Again, “meh”.

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