March 21, 2007

American Idol bumbay must get out... pronto!

Sanjaya Malakar (I don't care if I don't spell it right) makes my ears ache so much... so much that I'd throw a knife onto the tv set! What is it that keeps him from getting the boot? The Indian community (no offense)?! Or sympathy votes?! Wild tonight, eh? I agree that today's performance was his best but it still sucked big time anyway! Come on America, get him out of his misery for the love of God (sorry for using Your name in vain)! OK, it's 65% possible that he'll get out of the competition but I think that he'll once again beat the odds and stay (thanks to, an anti-Idol site, he'll have to make the screen crack once more... Then again, the TV screen will still crack in his farewell performance in the future (the finale)... or tomorrow...

Game Review of the Week:
Tales of the Abyss
Overall Score: 8.4
Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 8
Sound: 9
Value: 9
Tilt: 9

Entertaining and fun yet a bit boring...
I'm a fan of the Tales series but this is the only Tales game I've ever bought (for the PS2). Now I amaze at the things I see especially over the improvements of the franchise.

The characters may be blocky, the environments (at least the world map) may slow down the frame rate, battles may load a bit slow, but the thing that keeps you playing are the characters and NOT the story. The boring thing is actually the cutscenes which are lengthy, frequent and mostly voiced. The characters just brim with personality (maybe because of the voiceover...) which make cutscenes a bit more entertaining... but for me, the fonon mumbo-jumbo are just too boring to listen or read about.

The battles are fast-paced, especially the boss battles. And the AI of the 3 other allies (you can only use 4 allies in every fight) can take care of themselves and respond to your commands.

The game contains typical RPG fare. You are an amnesiac, spoiled nephew of a duke who hears voices and gets 'headaches' right after he gets kidnapped. He's just isolated in the castle and is deficient in social skills. Guy Cecile is Luke's best friend and together they train under a man named Van. The day goes by as usual until a girl named Tear suddenly attempts to assassinate Van and when she touches Luke, they go somewhere else because of a so-called hyperresonance. There are other major characters you'll encounter in the game. A princess who knows archery, a very young bodyguard with a doll as her weapon, a fon master whose nickname is Necromancer and even a creature who's exiled from his own species.

The campaign is lengthy (it will last as long as 60 hours) especially if you include the side quests and minigames or cooking and whatever.

Overall, Tales of the Abyss is a good game to recommend and because of the characters, you get entertained especially with its sharply written script. The battles are also intense here and can lead to a bit of button mashing. If you are a fan of the series (or not), get it. It's downright fun but not really the best Tales I've played...

Oh and by the way, it's better if you play with friends (it will support up to 4 players).

More of my reviews can be found @, I just don't have the time to gather them all.

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