March 22, 2007

AI Results Disappoint

Ohh great, one great black singer is eliminated and Sanjaya's still in the running... and he isn't even in the Bottom 3 (or rather Bottom 2)!!! But I'm not really that surprised...

Stephanie Edwards, the one who has been described as the Beyonce-soundalike by Lulu (the 'mentor' of the female contestants during performance night wherein the theme was British invasion) has been eliminated. And for me, it's not shocking because her performances have been deteriorating (in terms of quality and richness) each week and I think America just got dumb and instead gave her no more chance to redeem herself next week.

I've researched a little bit about Sanjaya and found that many American girls think he's hot... it must be the hair-do or something... America, forget his appearance. If you want him to win, let him win in another kind of competition like, as Randy said, "Hair Idol".
<-- He looks like Diana Ross but doesn't sing like her...
<-- This is the hair-doo he usually sports.

<-- You may mistaken him for Paula from afar...

If I see his face more times than the truly promising LaKisha or Melinda, I'm gonna tear my tv to bits and pieces regardless whether it'd be my friends or mine, HD or SD, widescreen or- you get the picture!
*UPDATE (2 mins later)--> Maybe I don't need to bother breaking my TV set if he survives the cut for many weeks more 'coz he's gonna do that job for me... 'Cmon America! I know you want to see this sucker win! (I was sarcastic...)

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