March 25, 2007

The WOW starts...

No, it's not Vista (though, in fact, it has yet to arrive), but a Mac. We planned to actually wait for the new Mac OS X Leopard laptops to arrive but the 10 year old Windows laptop just became unbearably slow (it's in repair), so now we bought the thing I've dreamed of having... a MacBook. A 13.3" MacBook with updated firmware and upgraded specs to boot! (I'm currently typing this post on it... weeeeeeeeee!!! Works like a dreeeeeeeaaaaaaaam!!!!)

OK, maybe I'm bragging now but it's just too good to be true!!! It's just... (faints after clicking Publish)

UPDATE 4/5/07
As I was scrolling through and reviewing my posts, I discovered that the part where I comment that Vista has yet to arrive could be misleading since we joined in this promo where when we buy a genuine WIN XP, we get a free Vista (Delivery fee charges will be paid only). That's why I said it has yet to arrive.

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