March 20, 2007

Battle of the Brains... (originally posted Feb. 26, 2007)

Feb. 26, 2007 (Monday) 9:36 PM on my comp and 9:41 PM on my clock :-D lalang...
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Battle of the Brains Q&A portion rant
I just thought of something to follow up my first post (and in a few mins 2). The Battle of the Brains... How can I be a semi-finalist in this contest if the questions in the elimination round are for the big guns? Sadya yata nilang pinapatanggal ang first year ah. Hell, how DID I get a chance to reach up to the contest proper? Anyway, most first years (oh wait, only I-5 as a whole section had a chance to watch... as well as the Tutsiroll band [more about them l8r]) will agree that the questions in the semis were damned easier than the elimination round. But... no hard feelings. (What the hell am I talking about?)
OK. So maybe I won't make a big fuss anymore since I knew from the start that the chances surviving this thing would be slim. OK. Wait... I AM making a big fuss out of this. So, I'll just keep my mouth shut about the question and answer portion of the school program (which is the main reason why we're there)...

Tutsiroll (fyi for those who didn't know [but if you know, ignore me], it's a rock band that performed in the said contest)
I just can't resist the urge to spill out the beans about Tutsiroll (though they sound pretty nice on YouTube []), the live performance was a headache and everything was too loud and the vocalist was pitchy (this he knows... heck, he didn't even really want to be the vocalist at all) and I'm just sounding like Simon Cowell now, aren't I? But to make a long story short, "What should be in the garage, stays in the garage." for them at least....
BTW, if one of the Tutsiroll members are reading this, I don't wanna be tracked down or something... but if you actually accept this, then I should commend you for your humility and humbleness... (Am I sounding too Greatest Salesman In The World for any of you? hehehe)

Some things select people will understand... (this is totally unrelated to the contest)
--> (breathing a sigh of relief) I finally finished authoring my sis' group's DVD which will be viewed tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 27, 07) @ da little theater with IV-8... hehe wala lang...
--> Antagal dumating ng pre-ordered naming Vista... but in another perspective, it's pretty rational since we only pay for the delivery fee. :-D (hehehehehe once again) not to brag or anything, it's just wat i feel ok? (It is after all, the purpose of blogs...)

(NOTE: This post was originally from my Friendster blog.)

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