March 20, 2007

WIIling to Wait... but not for long (March 01, 2007)

NOTE: All-out English na talaga yung language ng blog ko... lol
As I reinstall my anti-virus, I think about 2 things. #1 is summer vacations and... a Wii!!! If everyone else in the Philippines (well at least my peers), would rather prefer the technical marvel that is the Playstation 3, I'd rather go for the more next-generation route. (hell, when i ask my friends whether they'd buy a PS3 or a Wii, they'd ask first, "What's a Wii?")

It's definitely cheaper than that old Xbox 360 or the grandmaster of pocket-punching, Playstation 3. But I'd rather buy it outside the Philippines, where it is cheaper still. But we still have to wait for the price drop, as many others are doing (or maybe they're waiting in line for one...). I am WIIling to wait anyway, so I maybe now I should go back to reality and worry about the f-ing periodical exams! I guess this is all for now.

(NOTE: This post was from my Friendster blog.)

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