March 20, 2007

I think this will be my last school stuff-related post... at least for now. (originally posted March 04, 2007)

The tests are looming and I'm chomping down on pistachios like it's the last day of my life. I've got the English assignment, Home Economics (or LE in our shores) assignment as well as tests in Science, Chinese and most feared of all, Math. With all this, what's a man gotta do to have at least some time to get to work on the long test. Just when it's the final exams, all the tasks just keep showering in... like... blown dandelions or something.
This might be one of the most hectic schedules I have ever had. And writing this post is the only thing I can do for rest. Hell, it keeps me sane anyway.

Totally Unrelated Column
American Idol --> What in hell is Antonella Barba still doing in American Idol?! She should've been booted weeks ago! I think the thing that's gonna make her stay is another controversy. Throw in a sex tape and she might just win!
Crappy Laptop --> Do I throw an almost decade-old laptop down the sewers? I guess I have plenty of reasons. It's Pentium III and runs Windows ME. It's like a slug for today's standards and it just feels too outdated and virus-prone... (Oh God how I wish to have a Mac!!!!) Hell, it can't READ CD's anymore!!!
Yet Another Wii Dreaming Moment
--> I just really can't resist. lol. I wanna feel the action on my hands... I want to play Zelda for the first time... I'm drooling now so help me... lmao... That's all I guess.

(NOTE: This post was originally from my Friendster blog.)

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