April 28, 2007

Idol Gives Back...

It's pretty sweet that Idol is doing something like this for a good cause (it's the first time a reality show ever made an episode dedicated to the slums in the US of A as well as Africa). You've got Hugh Laurie (HOUSE rox!), Teri Hatcher, The Simpsons, Helen Mirren, Eric McCormack, Dr. Phil, Shaq O' Neal, Lebron James, Hugh Grant, Ben Stiller (Reminiscin'!), Jack Black, Ms. Piggy, Rob Schneider and lots more in this star-studded gala that's also broadcasted in 2 different venues. Though they didn't deliver everything they promised, it was still a show that made pop history... especially because... what's this? Elvis Presley sang with Celine Dion! (it's no surprise that they used state-of-the-art technology to "revive" and "remove his body from the grave".)

Everyone was safe and it's a good thing Sanjaya wasn't there anymore.

Thinking of next week, it's gonna be tough. It's Bon Jovi songs, people! Rock is Gina and Chris' (Sligh) forte and not Melinda, Jordin or the others! I'm gonna bet that LaKisha's elimination is drawing very near because of her now constantly negative reviews but you'll never know... It's all gonna be a big surprise and I'm really excited with their performances to come. Ciao for now. (Boy, are those tags gonna be many!... or not)

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