April 21, 2007

Virginia T., Sayonara Sanjaya, Subic, Windows Vista and Guitar Hero


FINALLY! Sanjaya's finally got that pending kick-in-the-ass that has been reserved for so long! Now, Sanjaya fans will be oh so lonely to see their hairy freak of the music industry out of the competition!

But wait a minute...
He's got that friggin' automatic recording contract from 19 Records, though... I wonder what he's gonna sing in the AI6 album and tour. Hmmm... let's just wait and see.

Jay Leno Appearance
Now I see some of the things that have attracted American viewers to this guy who has made his name known in Idol history, in his Jay Leno appearance, he was still being made fun in front of him. He didn't seem to be affected so I think, golly he can take a harsh joke lightly even if he's the butt of it... or does he?

Now we can...
Now we can finally focus on the real talents. Melinda, Jordin, Blake... they're my best bet. But since only America can vote, it will be unpredictable... especially since they're the country who voted for Bush twice... and you know how high his I.Q. is...

I wonder what VoteForTheWorst.com's next pick will be... I don't really think they'll spoil the show like they did with Sanjaya since all the others seem to have a winning chance.

Virginia Tech
The Korean Madman Who Scared the World
The Virginia Tech shootings (there were 2 subsequent shootings) was definitely a scary time for all the victim's families so I give all my condolences to them.

I guess Cho, who was declared mentally ill, should have been prohibited to be granted the guns he ordered online but since gun shops cannot access records of the government (at least that's what I heard), they didn't know he had murder on his mind. Besides, he could've typed a different name to fool the online sellers (if the thing I heard about gun shops not being able to access records wasn't true, this would be applicable).

It's been a long time since we went there. My sister said (based on her recent field trip) that everything has totally progressed so I'm pretty excited to go there again and see Ocean Adventure and all the other stuff in Subic... if we confirm plans.

Windows Vista Whine
This will be pointless but hey, I want to put some extra useless stuff in this post. So please permit me to do so.
So far so good but it feels like a glassy copy of MAC OS X Tiger features in a Windows XP operating system. But it has favorable benefits anyway... though I'll be needing more RAM to make my rig go faster.

Hooked! I just can't stop!
But I don't really have the guitar accessory so I can't really be immersed in the game... hehehe!

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