June 30, 2007

Genuine advantage my ass!

Here's the dirt: I've this problem that makes me wanna make this post into a very putrid with anger but I haven't the heart to do that. No it's not personal, it's technical. As in, technological. With Microsoft. And it's darn stupid actually. You see, we've bought Windows XP Professional (with Vista Business package) and well, it's only been installed twice and the license is "perpetual" as said in the promo. But well, activation is the issue and I don't wanna pay another hundred dollars or so! I mean, this is like a cheat or something (though I think it's atypical for these mega corporations, especially one with a wallet as deep as the Marianas Trench). Now it's only 3 days remaining and I haven't been able to call their line for a confirmation number. So, bye-bye data 'coz you'll be locked in the damned hard drive... well, not forever. (Thank MS-DOS!)

Hell, you get a better life with a pirated copy! Though I don't want to advocate piracy, it's actually the lesser of two evils! This is the last time I'm ever gonna buy a genuine Microsoft OS! All hail Apple and thank you MS for making me shift to the bad side! Woohoo!

--iPhone fever hits the States
Though it's not gonna have 3G or games, it's still the center of attention with its fatal curves and sleek sexiness. And though I myself am lusting for this piece of almost inferior technology, I'm not planning to make my dad buy this, oh no... not even in a million years. It's a fingerprint magnet, it's got an ugly backside, and reiterating again, no 3G and no memory expansion (although iPod nano, which is the bestselling iPod in the world, also tops at 8GB). Maybe at the next gen of iPhones.

--Note: YouTube vid of the Week
It's been sooo long since I've updated this thing... especially now that Sanjaya is obscure from the heads of America... maybe you could refresh and see if the new vid will be able to make your day... So now, I'm signing off to do this! CiaO!

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  1. Although I didn't *quite* process the techno terms in your post, I think I could somewhat relate... Downloading by means of credit cards etc.. my 'rents never let me.

    About Apple, I think I like it. But they shouldn't have invented an iPhone. Maybe an iCommunicator.

    there are already too much phones out there - blackberry etc.


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