June 23, 2007

First impressions regarding my new teachers... (yes, finally)

OK. So it's been 2 weeks since the first day started and it all feels like a lot of fun and a lot of bore. Yep, it's time that I finally made a post about the teachers that shape the characteristic of the school year. No, I won't be mentioning names but subjects instead.

*Arranged accdg. to the timetable thingy.
Filipino - She is very energetic and it's the first time in years that she has a different advisory class (formerly 5) and she seems almost the same as last year's but only more... uhh... kikay.

English - Newcomer and it's easy to tell. His lectures made me yawn a great deal especially in the first few days but I've learned to manage. Somehow I prefer last year's English teacher... though he too, was a bore.

Math - Same as last year's and she hasn't even changed a bit! I wouldn't qualify this subject teacher in this post 'coz it's first impressions... NOT the umpteenth.

Science - Though "he" just started last year, "he" isn't the usual first timer teacher who you'll normally sleep through. "He"'s waaaay stricter (and not to mention "scarier"?) than actually some of the other teachers in the whole faculty. "He" always cracks jokes and makes Biology a lot easier though. Especially now that I've heard that the other Biology teachers taught way harder stuff! Oh, and "he" likes balloons and I guess "he"'s also a bit hipper. Why I use quotation marks in the pronoun he is just common sense.

Livelihood Ed. - All L.E. teachers are a bore in one way or another and of course, she isn't the exception to the rule.

Technology - She tried to change the whole curriculum of Technology in the school and yes, she did it. She's the teacher we also had last year and she and our class president, Mr. Spam make quite a silly bunch and they'll leave you laughing 'till the end of the period.

Araling Panlipunan - It's like I never passed First Year. I mean, she's like... a clone of last year's teacher. They do like to crack jokes but their effort is worthless due to their corniness... that's the thing that makes them sooooo freakily similar. The similarity doesn't really end there but there's too much to list!

Chinese Language - Yes, I'm putting my Chinese teachers too and yes, she's also quite boring.

Chinese Math - Her voice somehow makes people irked and her point reduction's quite HUUGE. Mistakes on an operator will cost you 30 percent of the score. Paano pa kaya kung isang line ng solution?!!! Oh, and she's booooring as well.

Chinese Social Studies - Though she's the strictest among the three, she's the funniest and most entertaining... especially when you compare her by the two of 'em. If you're on the verge of sleeping, she'll make you do some uhh... "Tai Chi". "Take a big watermelon... Cut it in half... one for you and one for me... then eat!" It's funnier if you see her actions because it does look like tai chi. Plus, I actually already met her a long time ago.... about 2 years I think in Xiamen, on the study tour. Boy did she like to eat those veggies... I got discouraged of eating lettuce because they were uhh... let's say "too organic". (Take a hint: Ladybugs) If you want to guess, her name sounds like a country.... her Chinese name that is... and she's been known like that ever since I could remember... because she's the one promoting it every first day of school. It's funny how the second Chinese character in her name is somewhat related to the nickname she suggests.

I guess that's about it. I wouldn't want to make impressions about the PE and Arts teachers, 'coz we'll forget them and they'll forget us anyway! That way, everybody doesn't necessarily wins or loses! (Wtf am I talking about? Lol)

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