June 22, 2007

Movies to Look Out For...

Life is a show and so is a movie (no doubt about that). Do you know what the best of the next few months will offer? Watch out for these exciting titles:

1408 - John Cusack stars as a horror writer who checks in at the haunted suite of 1408. You'd think it's typical horror fare but after you see the trailer, you're gonna be wanting to see this baby. (Unknown Philippine release, Yahoo! rating: B out of F)

Ratatouille - Pronounced as ra-ta-too-ee, this new Pixar film has a unique plot that revolves around a rat that wants to be... a chef? Brad Bird, director of the Academy-Award winner The Incredibles directs. And who cares? It's PIXAR! (Worldwide release Jun 27, no rating)

Transformers - I haven't watched any of the cartoons in the past so I have NO idea what the heck this is. But after seeing the fascinating trailer, it looked pretty cool... and it'll make big bucks. Michael Bay directs and Steven Spielberg executive produces. (Worldwide release Jul 1?)

Disturbia - This flick has long been on my radar so I'm guessing... when's the release in the Philippines?! (Yahoo! rating: B-)

Knocked Up - It's a mature flick in which the title is almost self-explanatory. It's still coming soon in the Philippines and I can't wait for its DVD. (It's rated R in America) (Yahoo! rating: A-... now that's high!)
Harry Potter 5 - Of course, who wouldn't want to NOT watch this flick, especially now that it's become darker. Though reading the book's still better. (Jul 11 Worldwide)

Hairspray - Ahh... the 60's. Racism is rampant and discrimination is... uhh... rampant! Fat girls aren't supposed to be dancing with those slim dancing guys in that black-in-white TV but this may just come true for Tracy Turnblad. With her supportive mother (played by John Travolta in a fat suit), Penny Pingleton (Amanda Bynes), and someone named Motormouth something (Queen Latifah) they change America as we know it... Did I mention that it was a movie-turned musical-turned movie like the Producers? (Jul 20 Worldwide)

The Simpsons Movie - Woohoo! Homer's in the big screen after almost 20 years in the boob tube! And now, Homer has to figure out a way to solve the problem he made. But I don't know if it'll go way deeper than that, but the movie's plot is secretly kept under tight wraps and the trailers they release just screw with the web community so... I don't really know about this but hey, It's The Simpsons we're talking about! (Jul 29 Worldwide... get yer donuts ready!)

I Know Who Killed Me - Yep, I hate Lindsay Lohan. But the movie's very intriguing so might as well give it a shot. (Jul 29 USA)

The Bourne Ultimatum - This is probably gonna be the last of the lucrative Bourne franchise. And well, he still suffers amnesia and he's being chased by the CIA and some other organization. It's pretty clear that he should escape, get away or die. Paul Greengrass, Oscar-nominated director for United 93, directs. (Worldwide Aug 1?)

Death at a Funeral - The British have a funny but unique brand of comedy of which they have been known for. And this is yet another one of their smart comedic products. Yes, this reason alone makes me curious about this title. (Aug 17 Worldwide)

The Invasion - A thriller that somehow looks like the Forgotten. Better see and find out. (Aug 17 Worldwide)

Other topic: Funny name
I saw this one at the Yahoo! Summer Movie Guide. It's called Halloween. Though it's got nothing to do with funny, the irony comes in the form of the director's name... which is Rob Zombie. Three cheers for corniness!

More titles
Indiana Jones 4 - The subtitle will be revealed in November, but the other thing that matters is that it's FINALLY, after more than 15 years, being taped! Yes, the old Harrison Ford will reprise the role but Shia LeBeouf will star as his new sidekick. But the movie's actually a piece of movie history so the parents will be the one to drag the kids to see that the things they did didn't need any CGI and the punches and kicks they do needn't any slow motion or maybe they'll recount how much they admired the character and how they were thrilled after watching the first three. They'll go on and on until you barf probably.... though, I'd also say that to my CGI loving bro so HE can barf... 'coz I too, loved Raiders of the Lost Ark which used minimal CGI (it was already something revolutionary back then). (2008)

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