July 28, 2007

Disturbia movie review...

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Disturbia distributed by DreamWorks Pictures SKG
Mysterious stuff happen all in the facade of a peaceful suburban neighborhood. It's not Desperate Housewives but a little thriller called Disturbia.

It basically starts with a boy named Kale whose father died in a car accident while going home from a fishing trip. A year later, he punches his teacher because of provocation and ends up on house arrest. He gets bored and starts looking at his neighbors but ends up seeing a murder in progress. But when the supposed victim was seen going to her car, he becomes suspicious and decides to investigate. And well, you know how it goes.

Though it sounds like typical thriller fare, it gives some genuine chills especially with David Morse's piercing killer eyes always looking at the distance. It doesn't go backwards or sideways with some trap doors or anything and only focuses on the hot chick who just moved in next door (played by Sarah Roemer) and well, the gentlemanly killer. It's based on a Hitchcock film that I haven't watched but many compare to. So it's something for the teens and the people who haven't watched the original film it's based on to avoid comparison and get on with the thrill!

The movie has a great cast and makes Shia Lebeouf show his acting prowess. David Morse is a simmering presence which, unfortunately, is underutilized but still effective and Carrie Anne Moss is just there, not to kick butt like her famous role as Trinity in the Matrix, but to just play hostage to the man. Moss' performance feels a bit lazy though.

All in all, Disturbia's a great movie to watch (basing from the current year's roster of thriller flicks) and just seems to be one of the flicks that classify into one of the better thrillers this year which means that it is a must-see.

Rating: 8.3/10

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