July 24, 2007

The console wars...

It's been long since I touched this sort of subject and maybe it's time I did. So what's the take on the console wars after this year's E3? Well, the prospects of all companies seem bright this year. And here they are for the "Big Three".

Sony: I'd call the PS3 a technical advancement. But this thing is actually not of much significance when it released alongside the Wii. But this year, the tables might turn in favor of the PS3 because all the gaming heavyweights are finally releasing this or next year. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Grand Theft Auto IV, Heavenly Sword (Boy, is this game cool! And it's directed by Gollum of the LOTR movies! XD), and Assassin's Creed (from the guys at Ubi Montreal). Plus, there is also the intriguing new Metal Gear Solid game which features Snake (the main character) trying to shoot himself with a gun! Boy does it bring chills and excitement!
Too bad the release of the PS3 was botched by a wrong strategy.-->
Sony made a wrong move at phasing out the cheaper PS3 though, which would mean less sales. But the revamped PSP is surely better especially in a lower price range!

Microsoft: Their console has the most number sold but then again, it was released a year prior to the Wii and the PS3 but this old dog has some new tricks in its sleeve and it won't give up this war. They're currently on the offensive as they prepare to release another edition of XBox 360 and another edition of Halo as well. They're even luring some Simpsons fans in with their new Simpsons Movie Edition XBox 360 which might give them more "D'oh!".
Don't let your donuts crumble on this one!--->
Nintendo: The innovative little tiger that could is still fighting with yet more innovative stuff. And it's also a nice idea to combine the tracking sensors of the Wiimote and the Nunchuck to create a gun for FPS's like Resident Evil perhaps (it was also demonstrated in E3. Look for the video in the archive entitled 'Viva Le Nintendo'). Plus, the new Wii Pokemon game which features DS connectivity (as has been the landmark of Pokemon games for the past 10 years) is also coming. And for the obese people over there, there's Wii Fit which is Shigeru Miyamoto 's (legendary Mario and Zelda creator) new game (aside from the much-anticipated Mario Galaxy) targeted for fat and fit adults and children alike (it features a cool board to boot). Plus, there is also Super Smash Bros. which pits Nintendo characters against each other (as well as Snake from the acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series which, ironically, is exclusive to the PS consoles from 1-3,)
<-- The Wii is still pretty much in fighting form.
Anyway, the DS is still in demand especially with the imminent release of the first true blue Zelda DS game as well as the intense demand for the new Pokemon RPG's.

After viewing and reviewing all these things, I still stand by the Wii. Especially with the irresistible deals at Greenhills! Wii Wiil Make Things Wiird. XD

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