July 24, 2007

High School Musical 2 Hate Post!

HSM2: 10 Reasons NOT to watch (no specific order)
1. Just the thought of High School Musical one... and the blueprint it set for this surprisingly lucrative TV movie franchise, will make you wanna barf. The sequel's probably just for the commercial viability anyway.
2. More showtunes! OMG! I'm gonna be named Sir Pukesalot after this.
3. It imparts gay values. Just watching Lucas Grabeel acting gay for the camera is just too much for me to take. I mean, A****w's already gay enough as it is! (Ask everyone in section 5 as well as the transferees from I-5.)
4. More recent Disney Channel Original Movies are corny and sucky unlike past ones.
5. Kenny Ortega directs it again! It's gonna have the same style as the first one!
6. The core story is rather repetitive. It's a talent contest, not a love story.
7. Isn't anyone already sick of the many, many editions of the first HSM? Sing-along edition, Dance edition, and more recently the Concert edition! Heck, the sequel may have the same fate!
8. Isn't the puking already making you sick? LOLOL
9. The target audience, teenagers, won't be affected anyway. Maybe only a select few but not all.
10. It friggin' stars Zac Efron. His face is sickening already!

Ahh finally, all the hate is out of my system... well, not ALL of them. I'll still try to bear the 98 minute showing time so I can review it... and make sure that my reasons for NOT watching High School Musical 2 is given justice. Ugh...

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