July 22, 2007

CKSC Batch 77 Alumni Pearl Anniversary

Yesterday, a gathering was held in light of all the things happening in the world. They rejoiced, they ate and they danced. This isn't a movie, it's a reunion.

Thank God they (the batchmates themselves) didn't perform and if you ask me, it's quite a nice change. It was Hawaiian Night and there were exotic dances, retro music and... Rachelle Ann Go. Yep, they hired, or rather, tapped her to perform a few songs for the audience (you'll see a vid later) and she was quite good vocally and was very down-to-earth. She allowed us, the inferior fanatics that we are, to take a picture even while she was performing! Very gracious of her indeed! As an added uhh..., bonus, we got to meet Christian Bautista in the private room and I sorta shook hands with him (ang lagkit!). It was fun all in all but I don't think we won anything in the raffle... we NEVER win. Ah well. Oh, and we left before they announced the winners of the Nokia phones (the Retrospect band performed their loud renditions of oldies) especially because we got annoyed (by the said band).

THE EVIDENCE: Since a photo speaks a thousand words, here are 7:
<-- Me, my siblings, Eunice and her mom and Rachelle
<-- My sis and my cousins with Rachelle again
<-- Me and Rachelle Ann Go
<-- Whoops! A wrongly rotated picture of my sis and Rachelle
<-- Rachelle in her performance (too bad I didn't capture the one where she sings with a relatively middle-aged man
<-- Yet another wrongly rotated picture of me and Rachelle's boyfriend, Christian Bautista, he was rather hurried though. 
<-- How can there be a Hawaiian party without dancing?

That's pretty much all of the pictures I want to show to the world. Oh and before I forget, here's a video of Rachelle Ann Go singing "Say That You Love Me".

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
No, this isn't the book review but just a little segment where I jump for joy at the sight of the book, the concrete book and not just the cover, in front of me. The story unfolds........

(1st Character Death hint: White, Has always been with Harry even in Privet Drive, Vernon doesn't really like this character, dies at Chapter 4)


  1. Interesting, really. In the first pic, I actually thought the Rachelle you were pertaining to was Rachelle Sabrina - you know - our classmate, they kinda look alike.

    So how was Eunice included?? She seemed to just ... appeared.

    PS. You are SO tall compared to this Rachel person!

  2. LOL Rachelle Sabrina. Oh and Eunice and her mom was given a few tickets courtesy of my dad.

  3. cat doesnt know rachelle ann go?!
    oh boy, i must immediately remove the goddess conjuncted to your name, ahahaha. grabe, dont tell me... nerd ka rin, cat?!


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