July 20, 2007

Tomorrow, all hell shall break loose...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Tomorrow's gonna be the biggest day in modern fiction history and a milestone of the modern time's most beloved book series. Yes, it's Pottermania in its fullest force and fans will flock to every bookstore imaginable.

National, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Merriam Webster, eBay, the works...

But there are also others who despise Harry so much that they want to spoil it... Say, The New York Times. I mean, these press people are so obsessed with the competition, they want to be the one with exclusivity of the popular material. Wrong decision, guys. Better luck next time.

Expect a review in a few weeks (though I may be reading this in just a matter of 3 days like I did with the Half-Blood Prince) as I study for the quarterly exams. O
hhhhhh crap! Why do the publishers do this to us (release HP books during the quarterly exams), it just makes me wanna uhhh.... "procrastinate". LAWL.

Just by looking at it, I knew that it was going to be a critically-acclaimed. But comme
rcially speaking, it seems very hard to predict whether it'll be a super-sized box-office hit as well. Well, it won't be... not in the Philippines. If you want to see the reviews, click here then. Oh, and if I ever review this, please put in mind that it'll be unbiased. Because it's disturbing to see John Travolta as a transvestite and Zac Efron as Tracy Turnblad's (Nicole Blonsky, a wise casting choice) crush. I HATE ZAC EFRON!

Frets on Fire
I have been raving about how free this software is yesterday and now, I'm going to review it. (I'm gonna use a new format.)

So how does it work?
This thing works like Guitar Hero... on a keyboard. You hold the keyboard upside-down like a guitar and while pressing Enter (the pick button), you also simultaneously press
the Function keys (F1 to F5) so you can play.

How do I get it?
There are millions of ways to get this game. I did it by searching it on www.download.com. And don't worry, it doesn't have any strings attached. (malware, viruses, etc.)

What type of Operating System can it be compatible with?
It's compatible with Microsoft Windows systems and Linux as well. Though Download.com says that the supported Windows versions are from 98 to
XP, it works pretty fast on Vista.

System Requirements????
Just a little inferior configuration is enough for this game to run. 128MB RAM, 43++MB of hard disk space, and an OpenGL compatible video card (translation: most video cards... who knows, it may even be supported by Intel Integrated Graphics chips in laptops!).

Can more songs be downloaded for more variety?
Yes, it is also even an open-source game which means you can modify its inner workings.
You can find other songs in the Internet... or maybe you can just convert your songs to .ogg format by finding a free converter (rock songs with big instrumental breaks are recommended). PLUS, you can also import original Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II songs straight from the PS2 DVD-ROM (I think...). I haven't really tried it yet but there's an option in the Edit Songs menu.

Is it hard to edit the songs in the Editor?
It's been rather fun to put your own notes in every song. I've been tinkering w
ith my .ogg version of Paramore's (you guessed it), Misery Business and I actually made it too hard. LOL. You can edit songs while it's playing though it'll take a lot of timing. Deleting notes (especially if they are many) can be tedious, though.

More Performance Information, please.
It may lag a little on all Windows OS's but it generally runs smoothly even after Alt+Tab-bing it.

Magsaysay column clarification
I was chosen as the representative of my class AND ONLY my class which is my beloved II-1!

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  1. kevs, u are one of the most technologically advanced people I know next to this Computer Software guy.

    Sometimes, I can't relate :)


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