July 29, 2007

I'm an addict...

Test your dexterity and rock out with the free Guitar Hero clone, Frets on Fire!

Yes I know, I'm a addict and more recent posts never get unpublished with these words but I have reason to be an addict! Lots of 'em. Then again, they came out in the review so I won't say those reasons to spare some of this space.

But I'll be enumerating some discoveries I've unearthed because of this piece of software ('coz I got nuthin better to do)...
1) I discovered "torrents". If I were to download songs for this app, I need a so-called "BitTorrent client" so I went to download.com and saw that BitTorrents are faster than P2P's (Limewire, Kazaa, etc.)
2) My keyboard can make a decent electric guitar! At least my keyboard's worth it's price tag after all these years!
3) The .ogg format. This uncommon format for audio is actually better than MP3 in terms of sound quality!
4) The best timewaster in my PC isn't The Sims 2 anymore! (And my system resources won't get drained as well!)
5) There are LOTS of Guitar Hero clones out there.

That's it I guess. I hope you enjoyed glancing through this boring, useless post.

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