July 30, 2007

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's...


Yes, it's a crazy world. And yes, it's true. Money can fall down from trees. Heck, it can even fall down from the sky. It can appear in your mailbox and in the bathroom!...if you live in Japan.

Some say it's a cult or maybe a new-age religion. Maybe it's just a person rewarding people for good deeds. Whoever he is, he sure is rich. Millions upon millions of yen is what we're talking about and the Japanese are more spooked than happy. Wait! This gives me an idea for the next poll! "If you were a resident in Japan and happened to chance upon millions of yen, what would you do?" O, diba?

Plus, there's also Oscar the Cat. He doesn't live in the garbage, nor does he appear in Sesame Street when Oscar (the grouch)'s gone. He's the "death prophet" in a certain hospital and was even awarded for being this! So far, the cat's made 24 (and counting) accurate predictions and Cath, I don't think this cat is a life-sucker. Firstly, if you're superstitious, it isn't a (totally) black cat, and second, how would the cat suck all the life out of the sick person whose family let him out? I guess this mystery is for the biologists...


  1. The japan thingy? Talk about major "art imitates life"-ish. There's another term for this at the tip of my tongue, but lost it.

    I think it is a total CULT. Things like this are just.... weird. I don't think anyone in the right mind would actually do this nowadays - unless it's a cult, that is.

    It's hard to explain. But I'm glad you posted it here.

  2. And PS. Oscar the Cat, is still, for me, the Grim Reaper. Cats do have the "sense" - most animals do, but still, it's either he could see their spirits, or he is the one getting them...


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