August 1, 2007

It's your chance to rock! your living room.

E3's over and one of the most hyped games is one that only Filipinos, being "natural rackistas", can drool and dream of. It's Guitar Hero amp-ed up to become a whole band. It's Rock Band.

Rock on with a guitar, jam using the drums, ramp up the bass or simply bring down the house with your errr.... "great?" voice.

Featuring "lagless" online multiplayer, character customization, downloadable tracks (variety IS the spice of life) and a no-nonsense approach to musical controllers, this is probably what you need for your "musical education". What makes it dull though, is a fact that interested people are going to have to face- the price. Though undecided, it's bound to be a groan and a moan for your pocket judging by its production costs, features, and not to mention included instruments (which makes me wonder how you'll be able to take home such a game)! At kung pirated man ang bilhin, the fun's gonna be gone anyway (because the instruments won't be included and will have to be bought separately... which by the way may even cost more than the orig, or rather, official bundle itself!)

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