July 4, 2007

More must-see movies!

Sicko - from acclaimed director/filmmaker Michael Moore comes another documentary called Sicko. It documents the health care system offered in Cuba and compares it to the US' health care system. Sounds boring? Well wait what scandalous secrets we can find here in this expose of sorts.

A Mighty Heart - It was released at the wrong time in the US but at least it won't have to face that problem here. But Angelina, as critics say, gives an Oscar-worthy performance of Daniel Pearl's wife and Yahoo! rounds up critics' ratings at B out of F. (addressed to Elaine, I'm not biased against Aniston. lol)

Blades of Glory - It's been a long time since it showed in the US and yet, it hasn't been shown yet in the Philippines! What gives?! (Yahoo! average rating: B-) Stars Will Ferell, the star of those funny FunnyorDie.com shorts.

Ratatouille - Yes, I'm featuring this a second time because it looks soooooo great. Too bad it releases on August.

Disturbia - Eto rin!

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