July 12, 2007

Friday the 13th tomorrow... and I'm getting unlucky already!

This is superstition, I know. I've been believing that it is until now. I have a DVD that I want to burn and IT'S NOT FRIGGIN' BURNING properly but I hate to admit that it's not really something to blame Friday about. Besides, it's Thursday and I love Friday, whether it coincides on the 13th of a month... (what a waste of blog space! Hahaha)

We need to study like dogs everyday starting today about Biology... Ugh. I HATE terms!

To cheer me up, I watched a music video of Paramore, a band (indie perhaps?) and they sound great. Hope to see their album in the Philippines.

A vLog
I wonder what would happen if I create... my own vlog! LOL. Gonna try 2morrow.... IF and only if I have the time.... (One of the wonders of iSight on MacBook... lol... I'm suuuch a fanboy)

I wanna sleep! But I can't get my daily fix of proper sleep because of this LE task! Crappolicious! (My new word... created out of exasperation and drowsiness... :-D)

1 comment:

  1. crappolicious! love that!

    thanks to me u found out about paramore. wahahaha!


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