July 12, 2007

Edgardo... now YM-ing?!

The nurdz (for less offense...) now get to experience the real world. lol. Good, Eggy! You're making great progress. You are well on your way to becoming a Pokemon master!... wait lang.... ay Gameboy pla un! Suri! Anywayz, tomorrow may be Friday the 13th but it's doing wonders for the mathematical genuises in my former beloved section 5! I mean, even Aldric is on right now!

Ratatouille Report (because I want to seeeeeeee iiiit!)
This just in: it releases July 29 instead of August. :-D Just a little fun tidbit.

Cat, wat's happening?!
Your life is sooooo complicated (TM) right now. Take a breather and just... have... fun!

Ayan, mahaba pa ba ito? Lol.

Special Features of L.E. project, on YouTube on Saturday
If Nuevo permits, you'll be seeing the stuff I've concocted (but not accepted) as well as the blunders of our "actors". Of course, you won't be seeing the interview proper unless YouTube extends its limit...

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  1. Hi. So I was wondering... was I the "cat" you were talking about? Well, if yeah... then it is so complicated. And as much as I want and need to take a breather I cannot because if I do, I'm gonna completely slither away from earth or real word.

    As for Eggy, he is making a lot of progress! I never thought negatively about Eggy anyway - unlike the other nerds (don't get me wrong here)..

    And as for you, Kevin... the paragraph spacing is a lot better! Next thing you should know is the art of one-word paragraph-ing!


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