July 13, 2007

Pottermania commences

EVERYBODY knows that July is Potter month. And with the looming release of the 7th book as well as the current showing of Order of the Pheonix, Potter fans are going absolutely crazy about all things Potter more than ever. And of course, I'm rather a part of it as well.

You probably have a feeling that the new movie and the new book will set a sort of milestone for this series, as well as the year 2007. And if you have a sort of inkling that Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix: The Movie will be the best, then you better tune in here and refresh after 2 hours or so. This edition is the longest but the movie is the shortest so I can't wait to see what will be the fate of the movie. Will it follow the book or ruin it or maybe even give more dimension to the characters in exchange for the missing parts? As of this writing, or rather typing, the last book will be releasing in only 1 week and 1 day whilst I await for my father's return from the office and here he is so I'm gonna be watching and you should just wait for my movie review of one of the darkest chapters in the series. Ta ta! I'm off to the movies.

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