August 6, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows review... FINALLY!

After finally waiting for weeks to continue on with my reading of the book, I finally finished it five minutes ago.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Rating: 9.0/10

Neville suddenly charged after Voldemort with Gryffindor's sword and slashed Nagini's head. Voldemort bawled and declared the continuation of war and so flashes both red and green flew here and there as the giants break and practically thrash the Hogwarts castle. House elves went out of the kitchen holding knives and cooking tools. As Kreacher led the elves to the Great Hall, he commanded them to attack thus taking down the Death Eaters by magic and by force. Adding more to their surprise was the fact that the centaurs came charging in after them and Harry, in all this commotion, seized the opportunity to go inside the now destroyed Great Hall using the Invisibilty Cloak.

Though this is somewhat like my summary of things that'll happen near the ending, it seems that J.K. has gone all out in the grandness, or rather, the epic-ness in terms of the scale of the stuff that's gonna happen in the Deathly Hollows. Officially, the last Potter book.

There's fights, fits and magical duels. There are revelations and there are obvious things I had in mind (like Harry being a... horcrux!!!). Many people and magical beings die... heck, Harry's wand also dies (and when I mean dies, I mean *crack!*)!

Anyway, just the thought of this being a final farewell to the (official... and I will keep saying this because there'll be fanfics) series makes you wanna read it even more because this is the time where it finally cleans up the mess and ties knots (everyone knows Lupin and Tonks will) and though I didn't feel as satisfied to read through it (probably because it IS the long test week), it's still a gravely entertaining read.

There are those dull moments when you just want to sleep in few parts of the book but when you go to the next chapter, you can't help but feel thrilled because a twisted trap door will be placed upon by Rowling... and there are simply lots. Heck, even the "Deathly Hollows" seemed to be some kind of a sidetracking plot machine!

It gets to a point (in the later part) where you'll just be anxious to read more (if ever you're forced to drop the book) or simply get it superglued to your hands anyway because that's where the most (note the emphasis on most) exciting part comes. Of course, Voldemort Showdown comes to mind, and that's the thing you're exactly going to get... ***SPOILER*** well, after Harry dies (whoops!) that is. ***SPOILER END***

J.K. also manages to create an aura of grandeur... that only a few other writers can emulate (say Philip Pullman or C.S. Lewis). She combines wit, humor and dark references as well as a chunk of Dumbledore (and Snape) back-story and manages to end the saga in a rather (unfortunately) typical manner. "All is well.," she concludes.

To make a long review short, it's a must-read and not just some stupid commercial success like High School Musical! But that'll probably be for another post... Word of warning: If you want to understand everything and get J.K.'s desired effect on readers, you have to READ or RE-read 1-7. All of those installments have relevance in the last book. Plus, if your parents are conservative, only let them read it when YOU'RE done. It has British swear words like effin' (which I admit is not British at all), bitch (which is also NOT British) and arse (now that's British!).

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