August 6, 2007

In the News...

Welcome again to yet another edition of what I like to call... In the News...

Lonelygirl15 ends
I don't really know what makes Lonelygirl15 (AKA Jessica Rose) so newsworthy across the web but she sure is popular! She's already exposed as a fraud (those vlogs are scripted) and yet she becomes even more popular after that controversy! Heck, she even announced it casually in The Tonight Show! Maybe it's not such a big deal, this. Anyway, Jessica Rose is finished and is supposedly killed by a cult. She now sends a message to other "vloggers" that'll be the new star of the next season.

Boy left by family at Dead Sea

A courageous 8-year old, who btw would've died because of the extreme salt levels (OMG, Biology term coming up... it's salinity!) at the Dead Sea survived. His father came looking for him at dark when he realized that he left him there. Authorities who searched (and eventually gave up) never expected him to be THIS alive and well. Good thing for the dad that the boy's not gonna press charges. This just goes to show how negligent parents can sometimes be...

Teen falls 6 stories... gets back up instantly
"God moves in mysterious ways..."
The saying must be true because a teen who just fell 6 stories down a building (hitting balconies in the process) got upright instantly... It's just weird!

Inmates at Cebu prison still making waves
Now this is what I call rehab.
Being incarcerated certainly isn't a thriller but these inmates have been doing these dancing activities since last year, and yet they've only been seen by the world when they did the Thriller routine, the uploader (Byron Garcia, the "warden") even claims that Michael Jackson himself sent a text message saying that he's proud or something. I would've embedded it here if he didn't disable it (in the continuation of the original thriller video which he just recently uploaded) so in place of that one, I'll be embedding the earlier videos depicting their earlier routines which eventually led to Thriller and Radio Ga Ga among others.

It danced its way to the Chicken Noodle Network.

The original "Thriller" prison video currently has 4,157,592 views (not counting the other user uploads) and the uploader byronfgarcia currently has 3093 subscribers as well.
Anyway, to conclude this post, here are the videos from the first to the latest (except Thriller: The Continuation). But if you want to view Thriller: The Continuation, click here instead.


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  1. @ Lonelygirl15 - I don't know what the hassle is all about too! I mean what's the big deal - she's just ... like an extra on LL's movie (IKWKM) and everything's sp BLAH.

    As for the falling six stories thingy, all I can say is: Hayden Panettiere-HEROES.


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