January 10, 2008

WATTAHELL: Siths and swords

We all know that the Star Wars saga is over and its 30th anniversary was held last year, so why am I talking about Siths now? Well, Namco and its well-known fighting franchise Soul Calibur released a prerendered video that has Star Wars written all over it (OK, maybe not). But I just can't imagine how you'll be fighting a green snot (Yoda) with ginormous chest lady (Taki) in a medieval locale! But I guess this is all for the better as more intriguing stuff equals more hype... (Yoda is exclusive for Xbox 360, Darth Vader for PS3)

If the game gets an unfavorable review, then I sure am glad I got a Wii.
If the game gets a favorable review, then I sure am gonna steal Chang's XBox 360.
CAPTION: For a game that has to get more work done, Darth Vader sure looks great! (And I am not even a fan of the movies!)

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