February 16, 2008


It's easy, but beneficial.

I'm not sure if this feature is one you'd normally bother to configure, but if you do try tinkering with it, I'm sure you'll probably be able to maximize the quality of your camera, or cameraphone.

Yes, you'll be able to find the thing in a cameraphone, so if you configure the proper White Balance setting, your pictures will be prettier. Plus, you don't need to wait for your computer, and for Photoshop to open.

It all depends on the model, as well as the certain model's capability, but you'lll definitely be able to find these settings either on a so-called "advanced user setting/mode" or just in plain sight. There'll be presets like Daylight or Sunny, Dark or Nighttime, Fluorescent or Lamp, once again, it all depends on the camera. The more the presets the better. So if you get to access this feature, it's just takes a bit of common sense in tweaking to whatever kind of light the area currently has.

Still, there are some times that when you forget to re-tweak White Balance, you end up with:
Admittedly, I kinda like this "emo" mood. Haha. (It's in Fluorescent mode)

And if you use it correctly:Notice that the board's a bit greener.

OK, so how about a more direct comparison?

That's quite it for this post. It's kinda short for a tech tip, but it's actually up to you and your camera/cellphone model as to where this feature would be located, if at all.

Panic At The Disco's new single: Nine in the Afternoon has released a video! :D It's stuck in my head! Nine in the afternoon, your eyes are the size of the moon, blablablablablabladoo! Haha

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