February 28, 2008

HELL WEEK: The guide for your long test needs (ZongHe Part 1 of 4)

Yep, I've decided to share with you this sort of quick guide for the upcoming hell week. But unlike the Oscar/Globes review posts, it won't be as daily in the first few entries, but it will indeed be a series if ever I can handle it (looks at Bio). For this edition, it'll a pretty quick guide for ZongHe (or Zong Hap) so yeah, there'll definitely be a bit of Chinese. (Take note, other years, this guide is for second year)

FIRST LESSON (第一課)探囊取物
*For the identification or 填充, I'll be giving you sort of like an English translation then fill in the Chinese answers in between. The benefit of this, at least to me, is that I actually get to understand what the heck I'm reading, even if it isn't the most precise translation. (Answers are in bold)

1) This guy named 曹操, after conquering 中原 went to the south to defeat 劉備's army.
2) After 劉備's defeat, he went back to his 家卷; while General  趙雲 who was killing people, saved 劉備's son (Thanks to Chang for the correction) who was called 劉禪. (Told you the translation won't be accurate)
3) 曹操's soldiers then went to 長板橋 and saw this somewhat feared man 張飛's 虎鬚 and the 蛇矛 on his hand. He was probably staring with his eyes (LOL) and was expecting them on the bridge. Which is most probably the reason why he was on a horse.
4) 張飛's nickname was 異德 while 關羽's was 雲長. So what's their relation? Well, they're blood brothers, or in Chinese, 結拜兄弟. And though I don't know what relation this guy 趙雲 (whose nickname is 子龍) has to the blood brothers, he is just 劉備's general, or 大將
5) The story 探囊取物 is about 張飛's courage and talent. Which in other words are, 勇猛 and 機智 respectively.
6) The proverb 探囊取物's synonym is 易如反掌.
7) In that era, 曹操 was not only a Governer (政治家), but also a soldier (軍事家) and a scholar (文學家). However, a certain tribe called him a sort of traitor and war-freak of sorts. You know what? Let the four word saying do the talking: 亂世之奸雄. OK fine, 5 words!

*Now we go to the Question and Answer portion (why do I feel like a beauty pageant emcee?).
1) What does the proverb 探囊取物 mean?
探囊取物 talks about a job that is easy (容易取得或容易辦好的事). That' pretty much the simplest translation of it.

2) Why did 曹操's soldiers chicken out near 長板橋?
When 曹操's soldiers reached 長板橋, they saw 張飛 riding a horse, waiting on the bridge. And because they new that there were assassins? (伏兵), they pretty much lost all courage (不敢) to go forward 長板橋.

3) 曹操 overheard 關雲長 talk about 張飛. What was it about? (Chismoso ah)
曹操 overheard 關雲長 talk about 張飛 being in this area with probably a million soldiers. And inside that did he behead the general (砍上將的頭), thus the saying 探囊取物.

4) What benefits did 曹操's territories get during his rule?
a) 曹操 promoted agriculture by employing refugees to plant (招募難民耕種).
b) He also provided the military (軍事), the transportation sector? (運輸) and the farmers (農田) the water they needed by opening dams (or maybe rivers? As said by England?) (河渠)
c) He abolished? the rental and tax system (廢除租稅制度) and strictly prohibited (嚴禁) the rich people from bullying (or for a more mature term, discriminating) poor people (富豪欺負窮人).

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