February 4, 2008

Tech Tips: Karaoke Your Music

Sunday and my father had tasked me to separate Michael Ball's voice from his whole album. I scour the net, I scour Yahoo! Answers, and there it was. A link from a certain person who got best answer, and well, well, well. It was about Audacity, a free music editor, and an effective way to get vocals out of the instruments. And frankly, it was a lifesaver cause I thought I had to buy a pirated version of the Logic Studio software by Apple as was stated on a similar question that won best answer.
So after finding a few additional tools, I practically sped through the process, Mac at lap and well, I think there will also be a time when some friend or family member will request you, a member of the Internet generation, to do the same so I got the sense to actually record the process on video so we will be on more understanding terms.

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