March 13, 2008

The FIRST TWO LEVELS: No More Heroes (Wii)

I vowed myself that last night, I was not gonna try burning and get frustrated again, therefore I needed some outlet to pour out my frustrations, and you know what? The game my brother just bought on Tuesday (sa Tutuban) which was entitled No More Heroes, gave me solace. Seriously, I mean, who knew that killing people would be so pleasurable? Never since Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and God of War did I enjoy killing so much!

The controls are simple- Go near an opponent, press A and finish him off with a fatal slash that you execute via waving the remote to the direction shown on the screen. But the effect is an over-the-top death that's full of blood. Seriously, there's even more blood than Grand Theft Auto and God of War combined and the deaths can even match the over-the-top deaths of those so-good-it's-bad B-movies (slasher movies, sexploitation, etc.)!

But it's not all killing, because like Grand Theft Auto albeit in a limited manner, No More Heroes employs a "sandboxed" world where you can ride a bike and do whatever you want... and not get arrested (or so I think)!

But wait a sec, what's the agenda? Well, you play as Travis Touchdown, "The Association"'s 11th deadliest assassin, and being an assassin, well, you kill people. But the real deal here, to make a long story short, is that Travis wants to be number one; the deadliest assassin of the Association. What accompanies this are the retro graphics, and weird concepts (bathroom breaks equate to saving, of course with censors and all) as well as the aforementioned over-the-top killing. Of course, this game is definitely not going to cater to the kiddies, nor is it even family-friendly. But if your stomach is able to handle all this blood, you should have no problem going through the game.

The frame rate dips when you spill too much, though.

Written and directed by the acclaimed Suda 51, they bring to life yet another unique and refreshing concoction since their last creation (Killer7 for the PS2). You know what? I'm hooked. Especially since the boss battles are pretty much varied from time to time (and you even learn "old pro-wrestling suplexes"), and each time you win is sweet. If you're looking for a compelling mature game before buying the Wii, this is it. Just don't expect to find others like it when you're done.

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