March 9, 2008

Promising Movies (My picks for the new season)

I love watching movies, and it's all the better in the cinema. But in the many movies you're able to watch, only few stand out, for me at least. And without further ado, here are the movies you'll have to keep an eye out for:

Where In The World Is Osama bin Laden?
With such an eye-catching Indiana Jones style poster, who wouldn't stop and take a glance at this, at first glance, knock-off? Well in reality, this is the newest work of the director of the acclaimed fastfood docu Super Size Me and is about a man's quest for, well, finding Osama Bin Laden. Of course, his motive for this is to make the world safe(r) for his about-to-be-conceived child, but from the trailer, it looks like a hell of a comic search. I mean, just the witty line "If I learned anything from big budget action movies, it's that complicated global problems are best solved by one lonely guy." would make me want to see it. And clips of President Bush saying, "He may be hiding in a cave with the door open." LOLOLOL. Or maybe a line to save your life ("How do you say 'don't take me, take the cameraman'?")?


Get Smart
Though I have bad feelings that the movie won't get many raves, Steve Carell is at it again with his signature comedic acting, now with Anne Hathaway in the new spy satire Get Smart. Based from the trailer I saw, I think it starts with an agent named Maxwell Smart being assigned to a mission and is promoted but definitely not doing good with it. Therefore, Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) is there to help him discover the schemes of the KAOS organization of terrorists. You know what? Expect it to be a comedy in the vein of Johnny English, only funnier hopefully. It gets even more attractive when you see its huge roster of stars like The Rock (though I haven't really regarded him as an A-list actor), Alan Arkin (of Little Miss Sunshine fame) and even Heroes' Masi Oka!!!


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Walt Disney and Walden Media's successful adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe proved that an age-old bible-ish series of beloved books are still great escapism, especially for the kiddies. Therefore, they're doing it again with the same director, most of the same actors and of course, a few new things. Judging from the trailer, this installment was more or less how I pictured it while I was reading the Chronicles of Narnia books in elementary (este, during Chinese), only grittier, better and even more fantastic. I have a feeling that this will be a must-see for all those Narnia fans and newbies alike, and more people will be attracted because, well, it has a less juvenile feeling than Lion! And it also has an imaginative story. The effects look like a screamer as well.


Iron ManParamount Pictures' Iron Man
After Spiderman, Superman and the X-Men took the big screen, it's time for Tony Stark to get the modernization treatment. So what about this Marvel hero? Well, he's a rich inventor and industrialist who gets kidnapped to make a devastating weapon. Instead, using his cunning and wit, he makes himself a hella cool suit of armor to escape his captors. After that, he vows to be a superhero and do superhero stuff, including trying to keep the identity of the superhero undiscovered and separating that life from his corporate and personal life. The movie stars Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr. (Zodiac) and even Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow!


Harrison Ford stars in Paramount Pictures' Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullIndiana Jones and The Crystal Skull
Ahhh, ask any movie buff what the funnest movie in history could be, and it's indisputably Indiana Jones. Though it's not the kind of franchise that doesn't get better each time, every one of them is a very fun and entertaining ride. Really, when I watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (I think that was the installment I first watched, because it had this temple with all the babes who had the ability to sort of hypnotize Indy and make him do whatever they want) as well as the first movie (Raiders of the Lost Ark), I was pretty much hooked! He would dispatch all those Nazis and makes you jump out of your seat like crazy!

But also thanks to the legendary Steven Spielberg's direction (of all three!) and the equally legendary George Lucas (in case you didn't know, he made Star Wars and the THX movie system thingy) who wrote the story, the movie experience is completely free of bad err, experiences!
And 20 years after that last installment, they still got Harrison Ford at hand, as well as a few new faces (Shia LeBeouf, Cate Blanchett) for the fourth outing of an albeit older Indy. And even better is Steven Spielberg's reprising role as director, and judging from the trailer, it's gonna be really explosive. I don't think there are any Nazis left though, because the movie'll probably be set some 20 years later or something. Hopefully, its signature humor and wit and thrills also come to stay because I wouldn't want to look at a 2008 edition that would actually pale to its 80's predecessor. It's gonna have some technical polish for sure, but the feel will hopefully be the same as the last time we saw him. (Because the trailer does just that.)

There's also gonna be a lot of plotholes because of the 20 years of Harrison Ford's aging, as well as Shia LeBeouf's casting as his son.


The Dark Knight - Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Heath Ledger Batman: The Dark Knight
Why so serious?

Oh what list would be complete without this? With Heath Ledger's parting performance as the Joker, and the same director (Christopher Nolan) as the highly acclaimed Begins, you can just wonder what can go wrong with the flick. And once it releases, the movie will most likely spark a debate on who's the better Joker- Nicholson or Ledger. Why? Because even in the trailer, he looks pretty terrifying instead of funny even with the heavy make-up and all. It's also bound to be very explosive and not to mention dark and gritty, because that's what Batman movies are supposed to be. Plus, it also features a lot of star power: Christian Bale, the aforementioned and late Heath Ledger, Michael Caine (Sleuth), Gary Oldman (Harry Potter 3,4,5) and Maggie Gylenhaal (as replacement to Katie Holmes). But you know what? I'm restraining myself, so I'm just gonna say this flat-out:


Ahem. Here's a beautiful YouTube-uploaded trailer. Seriously, after the trailer loads (it's pretty slow), click Full Screen.

Will it be the Batman to end all Batmans? Most probably appropriately.

Persepolis -  Persepolis
It may not be part of the new film season, but I haven't really seen this flick in local theaters. Hopefully it won't be relegated to Ayala Cinema exclusivity (like There Will Be Blood or Across the Universe). But anyway, it's about a girl named Persepolis who lives life as a child in Iran which was against the shah at the time. And then the police would wrongly apprehend her uncle. But when she becomes a teenager, her boldness would cause her trouble in her home country so her family decides to send her, even if it was a very hard choice, to Austria where she would experience liberation, drugs and people who have sexual intercourse casually. But after breaking up with her boyfriend, she becomes homesick and returns to Iran, which was actually even more turbulent than when she left despite the fall of the shah.

This movie is based on Marjane Satrapi's bestselling biographies (there are currently 2 under the same name- Persepolis) and Satrapi herself directs. And you know what, I think it deserves the Oscar more than Ratatouille though I haven't even watched both. Why? Because the trailer just looks so... promising! If I get the chance to watch it now, I'd watch. Oh, and did I mention it's black and white (with a few touches of color here and there)?


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