March 7, 2008

DVD Update: Mo Features, Mo Content, Mo Days to Wait

OK, maybe you've already known about the delayed release date of the DVD (for II-1, not teachers) but here it is again: April 1, 2008 which is the card receiving day. For the teachers, it's still Wednesday and I'm getting ready to burn disc 1 tomorrow (disc 2 after I get Nuevo's footage on Monday).

Teachers' Copies Exclusives
So what's gonna be special about the teachers' copies, you say? Well...

They get a cover for their DVDs. For the students? Well, they can print their own because I'm not gonna print anything for them for economic reasons obviously.

Next, they get a sort of pamphlet, you know, like the ones in original DVDs? (I hope.)

Plus, the DVD case will also have something printed there as well. So no, us II-1 students, even me, won't be getting those as well. (Still, it gives you a chance to personalize and do it yourself. :D)

Actually, economic reasons lang talaga hehehe. Otherwise, the price would be higher.

Final Content
And then, here's the content you'll be getting in Disc 1. (And no, it's no longer widescreen.)

The menus will also be a mix of moving chapter menus and immobile and plain menus. Diba may variation?

And how much content does the disc have?

And as for Disc 2...
It still looks the same as last time, only with "Last Day" exchanged with "March 5, 2008". Because I feel that the date was not the last day, but a new beginning as cliche as it sounds.

But as for the "Other Stuff" menu... You'll have to wait and see. (Tinatamad lang ako. Hahahaha)
But so far, I haven't put the March 5 videos inside, only the photos because the collection isn't complete yet.

New feature
I mentioned "mo features", right? Well, this dialog box shows that 3.1GB is filled out of the 7.7GB you can put. And this shows that I can actually put more content rather than reduce them, which is the ability to actually access files in your computer. Of course, the pictures only. And note that this only available on Disc 2 especially since Disc 1 is already so jam-packed. OK, wait, don't get it? Here's an explanation.

Though I haven't actually tried it, the application I'm using has the ability to let you put so-called "DVD-ROM Content" which you can access when you put the disc in your computer. In my view, though, the DVD-ROM feature will enable you to directly access the source pictures I used in the slideshows found inside through Windows Explorer without hacking or third-party solutions. (I will update on this when I burn the second disc.)

Hmm... I guess this is the end for this update.

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