March 3, 2008

More II-1 DVD announcements

It's not a mandatory purchase, but if you want you can pay me P130 for the thing because I will buy the DVDs using the money you gave me at CD-R King. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but here's a breakdown of why it is in the first place:

Dual Layer DVDs (8.5GB) - These types of DVDs are only one-sided, so that means more content on one disc, however, the price is more than double a mere 5 peso 4.2GB DVD-R. (P50x2)

DVD Case - One DVD case in CD-R King (or according to its website) is 5 pesos. So right now, the subtotal is 105 pesos.

Labor - It's only 5 pesos for my hard work :D (As well as the other providers, namely, Sandra, Yna and Nuevo)

Teachers - Use common sense, people. Wouldn't it be rude to make singil to the teachers? After counting a bit, the sum you have to pay for the teachers is P20, because it's inconvenient to pay P19.25 and give change. Of course, the ones who won't be buying will still have to pay this 20 peso fee. Why? 20 pesos times 40 is 800 which is the sum of the DVDs + cases for the teachers. Now if one of you (who has no intention of buying) is reading this in outrage, why don't you go near every teacher and get him or her to pay that fee? I dare you.

And if that breakdown was too long for you, here's an even shorter version:
100 pesos goes to the purchase of 2 8.5GB DVDs which have double the capacity of ordinary DVDs. 5 pesos goes to the DVD case, and another 5 for the Labor. 20 pesos is mandatory for the payment of teachers' copies, yes, EVERYONE WILL PAY. Including the ones WHO DON'T WANT TO BUY.

Just one thing:
Ahh, looking at all these videos... make me feel warm inside. This hasn't ever happened before, and maybe that's because this is the section I feel most attached to in a surprising way. I was always raving like, grabe parang ayaw ko matapos ang year na to, e ang mga tao rito kasi ang saya, or, Gago, mahal ko kaya ang II-1, when I talk to other people. Now... I feel like shit. But I thought, Little Orphan Annie always raved about tomorrow, and how things are better that way, which is maybe why people who raised their hand when Nuevo asked if tomorrow people will be acting like, wala lang, because maybe they feel that everything will be forgiven and forgotten. But then again, I also have a pessimistic side, which is why I think that this will not happen, and all that hope is futility and vanity. Still, this also made me reflect about why my part in making the class closer was, which was almost near to nothing. Yes, videos, so what? If people feel like going somewhere else, it's like the times we've had with the people who wanted to leave are... you know, parang going with the flow lang sila. And with that in mind, the videos, when I re-watch... feel so fake now. But as I said earlier, we've 2 days left to patch up and clean up our act, and this time, I'll try my best to help. Hopefully, you will too, reader (that is if you're a II-1 classmate as well).

Actually, I've considered cutting off this DVD thing, but still, as someone I was talking to said, this DVD will at some rate prove who are and aren't taking this thing seriously, or if they don't care. But it wouldn't be accurate, I feel, if people are forced to buy this. But as I said earlier, the purchase is not mandatory, only the teachers' fee.

Early "donations" include Michelle, Sandra, and... me. But I wouldn't blame the others, they may not have enough money for pamasahe or something, or maybe they just don't care and are expressing it because they don't want to be plastic (someone else said that to me. And no, I won't name anyone because it will definitely cause more turmoil.).

But then again, I am also to be blamed for the happening on Free Time because I was the one who told Nuevo to announce the DVD thing, and because he had the opportunity to announce something, he put the Last Day thing in too, though I kind of think that it was also a right move to also put the Last Day thing in so we can plan early.


Kinda feel better now though. Oh, and I'm gonna post a flyer pala tomorrow.

The Update
Thanks for bearing with my venting, and you'll be seeing the real deal tomorrow when I actually have time to put the stuff in (My mother's copying Enchanted DVD right now eh, baka bumagal.)

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