May 24, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to (and not to) buy Wii Fit

5) The perfect gift
Somehow Nintendo has always managed to market its products (such as this) to its intended 'blue ocean' successfully thus always getting a boost in its profit. Wii Fit, especially with all the pre-orders filling up (and some even cancelling them) and the May 19-21 release date controversy, is of no exception. So if the comments and testimonies of fellow gamers can attest, their mothers and fathers are the people who are rooting for this new, somewhat revolutionary product.

4) Humiliate your enemies
If you're looking for the right time to come along so that you can humiliate your enemies, you can just invite them for a weigh-in and there's a chance that they'll either be traumatized (if they're 10) or just plain humiliated. Of course, it's expensively juvenile, but hey, revenge is ice-cold and sweet- perfect for summer.

3) Save some money!
It's a cheap (and not so) viable alternative to gym. Picture it: You pay 90$ for the software for one time as opposed to paying a PS3 monthly every 300 visits with a trainer?

2) Get your ass in gear
Like Dance Dance Revolution before it, Wii Fit aims to make exercising fun. And though it doesn't entirely succeed in that endeavor, it doesn't really fail either (and that's due to the non-automatic fitness programme thing).

1) The Balance Board!!!
And though Nintendo really developed the accessory for the game, the accessory itself has a lot of potential for a lot of games. Currently, the games being made with the Board in mind are the recently released We Ski from Namco which emulates real skiing with the Wiimote and Nunchuk as your sticks and the board as your board; and EA's pending Skate It.

Forget it!
5) If you're just gonna cheat...
Find ways to cheat the very, very precise Balance Board accessory will not be worth the 90 bucks. Although there are definitely ways, those ways aren't really applicable to any of the exercises, therefore, making you waste time finding them.

4) 90 bucks?!
Yeah, 90 American dollars. It's no Rock Band (or freaking Guitar Hero World Tour!) but it's still pretty expensive. Then again, the prices of just a normal game at our country is already equal to that, so it should come as a bargain if you were to find it at just 90 dollars.

3) Doubtful results
It should come as no surprise that the viability of the Wii Fit as a serious work-out and gaming machines is very doubtful. Who knows? Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. Regardless, you'll have to wait 6 months to find one anyway.

2) If you're waiting for the great titles, or you just want the accessory...
Then wait until 1) there are really great games designed for the Balance Board or; 2) when Nintendo sells the balance board separately.

1) If you've got a gym membership...
...forget it! You are simply better off doing your crunches and working your biceps in a real gym than being tempted by the nearby refrigerator (and possibly that bag of chips lying near your sofa) while cheating the balance board (yes, it's still possible!).

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