May 22, 2008

Guitar Hero 4: Getting bloated?

Before I start with this, I'd first like to say that I love the Guitar Hero franchise, and that I find it too expensive to buy Rock Band although I'm very interested in it.

And now, for a little teaser for the new game:

Although it has yet to be released, Activision has given us a glimpse of what the new, "reinvented" installation of the multi-million franchise would have, and that includes a new instrument: Drums. Sound familiar?

I know that a sequel should always try to put in something new or quirky or both just to keep fans interested, but I don't see myself buying this new installment for the fact that if you put another kind of instrument in a package that clearly says "Guitar", then it shouldn't be called Guitar Hero. I mean, they could take the name Battle of the Bands and then would I understand. But no, sadly, Activision is getting a little too much competition from EA and more specifically, Harmonix. Guitar Hero won't get tired, don't worry! As long as Rock Band stays expensive, you'll still have your millions of dollars.

But yeah, I guess that song creation and sharing mode will be a treat that'll give it a bit of an edge over Rock Band though. I just think that it'll be the franchise's blessing and curse though because, well, you'll probably see some wannabe dude fretting some terrible notes of his own- and he'll think it'll be cool.

Although I'm not expecting that this mode will make the music industry shut up and take notice of these "compositions" like MySpace is doing, a mode like this alone will keep the people locked to the franchise.

So Activision should let Guitar Hero be Guitar Hero, and Rock Band be Rock Band... although I like the design of those drums!

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