May 22, 2008

David Archuleta is...


Yes, despite the fact that last night the odds were against David Cook, he still won by 12 million miles- a landslide.

Simon was wrong?!
Yep, Simon was wrong this time. His opinions are the most important ones in the competition but the people didn't listen this time.

Wait, what happened to the tweens?!
The tweens are certainly the driving force of the competition, and if the Hannah Montana empire can attest, the odds could've been a lot more against Cook. Combine that with Vote For The Worst, and the assumption the Archuleta could've won was a lot more rational, and yet look!

Americans became smarter, I guess.
The majority of the Americans, in my view, have finally picked the right person to vote as "Idol". Cook is a lot more confident and versatile, and he consistently showed in his weekly performances that if it were not a voting show, it would've been Cook hands down.

What the future holds?
The future of the winner of Idol is always grim, what with people rushing and demanding them to release an album ASAP. If the other winners can attest, it's that their albums are almost always a flop, and that they are almost always overproduced, over-poppy crap. The runners-up have a better time selling records than they ever could. But Cook could be a new Daughtry- he will probably sell if they let him stick to rock and let him do what he does best. The challenge he will face is: Will he break the Carrie Underwood curse? And that my friends, is a very, very tall challenge. Best of luck to him, though.

What I noticed during the course of the finale
I noticed something during our Renaldo Lapuz's performance: his was a lot more grandiose than the others. Seriously, he has a huge ensemble behind him despite the fact that they're a college band and they make it look more like a victory party than a mockery, although the grandiose facade of all of this is the sarcastic mockery of our Filipino brother. But whatever...

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