June 17, 2008

Mozilla goes for the Guiness

Tomorrow marks a milestone on the Firefox browser's life as it ups the ante one notch with its new release: Firefox 3. Right now there are more than 1.5 million pledges for download of the Firefox browser- although I think that the number will increase even further in the next 24 hours, especially in the US.

With faster web page loading, and markedly faster opening than that of Firefox 2- as well as the controversial "Awesome" bar, and safer security- Firefox 3 is probably gonna be make even more of a splash than that of Firefox 2 with 24% global browser user base today thus unseating Internet Explorer from the 90% mark.

If you want to pledge for download of Firefox 3, click here. Whether or not I do, I'll download it anyway.

But there's one thing:

Flock's going in with the same features- and it's a markedly better browser than Firefox (for me, anyway)!

Still, I don't think Flock's coming out with updates at this time, so I'm gonna take a look at Firefox 3 and help stop the Microsoft monopoly because it will be slower compared to Firefox!

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