June 5, 2008

Obama: New democrat rep

Obama is clearly making history as we speak because he's officially the first African-American democrat who's representing the democrats in the rat race in November- and the first African-American president in due course.

I mean, seriously, is anybody out there crazy enough to elect John "BS" McCain (who, if you're not exactly up to speed, is Bush's pick for successor in obviously the Republican party)?

But don't fret Clinton-ian err..., supporters! She may just be your new VP (and I hope she will be, Obama's gonna need the help he can get to finally appeal to Clinton's former supporters). Still, after the most predictable election in US history, I think things will get really bright, although it won't happen instantly, mind you.

I have to ask though: Who did you pick for president? And do you mind at all that Obama's gonna be representing the winning party?

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