July 15, 2008

iPhone 3G: Reception

Reception has been mostly positive in the professional spectrum of the review panel, but users are mostly mixed with their reactions. This is the post that compiles the summary of their reactions, so as to help you choose whether you want to buy it or not from Globe.

But first, some facts:
1) The iPhone has not yet been released in the Philippines, obviously. But it'll be give or take, 2-4 weeks before it does.
2) The deal with the significantly lower price is this: carriers tie people down for 2 years and the true cost of the iPhone will be paid through the monthly rates of which will be equal to either 499 US dollars, or 599 US dollars- depending on the kind of iPhone you bought (4 or 8 GB flavors/black or white flavors). In my opinion, I think you can get an iPhone for free at plan 800 (w/o tax computation; 1000 w/ tax rounded off to the hundreds place).

Now with that out of the way, let's see what critics have to say (and no, I won't put Walt Mossberg, I think he's a bit biased to Apple).

"The iPhone 3G delivers on its promises by adding critical features and sharper performance. The iTunes Apps Store is pretty amazing, and the 3G support is more than welcome. We still have a few gripes, but the iPhone 3G a big improvement over the original model." -CNET

"If you're an avid Symbian, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile / Exchange user, chances are you might think the iPhone 3G is Apple playing catch-up -- and you're not wrong. 3G, GPS, third party apps, enterprise messaging, these are all old hat. But even the would-be iPhone killers being churned out weekly haven't yet found a way to counter the iPhone's usability and seamless integration of service and software, desktop and mobile, and media and internet." -Engadget

"So the iPhone 3G is a nice upgrade. It more than keeps pace with advancing technology, and new buyers will generally be delighted." -NY Times

"While not everything on my wish list made it onto the new device, Apple has raised the bar with iPhone 3G. To which I offer an enthusiastic thumbs up." -USA Today

"So the hardware is interesting in the iPhone 3G, but the real story here is the new iPhone OS 2.0 firmware, which we've written about in depth here. You manage to install that, old iPhone users, you've got about 80% of this new iPhone's mojo. But if you're not making your calls on an iPhone yet, well, what are you waiting for?" -Gizmodo

All these reviewers have common points, and common gripes, so yes, if you view one review, it's like viewing all the others.

To sum it all up, critics say that the iPhone 3G is a step up from the last one, but you can get all of that by buying an old iPhone, and upgrading it for free- save for the GPS and 3G. Of course, there's still no copy and paste, and Apple embarrassingly enough, left out MMS, Video recording, message forwarding, and hordes of other options you'd typically find in a low-tier cellphone nowadays. Plus, the new back design is a magnet for fingerprints unlike the last one.

Still, you'd get value for your money if you do manage to qualify for the 199 dollar price point.

Now, here's what the users think:
"Bringing smartphones mass-market"
"got Verizon Voyager now,maybe time to switch to IPHONE 2.0"
"No tethering. You Pay $30 for Internet, they should at least allow you to tether."

I don't exactly know what tethering is, but 30 dollars for 3G? Ouch.

Anyway, I hope this short post will help you in your purchase of the iPhone 3G in the future. Who knows?

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