July 5, 2008

Two Peculiar Men

I just came back from the gym and I saw twins. Well, I haven't seen them for quite a while now, but here's a little bit of a background on what I know about them:

1) They're "supposedly" of Japanese descent, or maybe that's just a joke among the trainers and;

2) By the looks of it, they're rich and spoiled, but maybe not so much.

Always do I see them in the locker room playing either a PSP they share or listening to an MP3 player. One thing's for certain though: they're pretty weird.

I don't claim to know know them, but their peculiar-ness just went up one notch when one of them said:

"Where did you buy that bulletproof vest?"

I thought they were joking, or rather, I thought they took it as a joke when my trainer said that my scoliosis brace was a bulletproof vest to them.

He repeated, "Where did you buy that bulletproof vest?"

Frankly, I didn't actually reply, but I said things like, "Well, it's pretty uncomfortable", etc. etc. just to avoid the subject and to avoid some complications when their mom comes.

Good thing I did that, though. And that's because when I was about to go downstairs for the ride home, one of them again said, "Mom, where can we buy that vest? I WANT IT!," like a little curious boy. Frankly, when I heard that line, I uttered something that was somewhere in between a laugh and a scoff.

Wow, never thought they'd take it that seriously. Heck, one of them even said, "How can it protect you from bullets when there's no protection in front?" The other replied, "Well, what if a sniper had to shoot his back?"

LOL, I'd never really know when I'd be such a notorious person, but maybe I'll avoid them a bit more.

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